Solar Generator Price in Nigeria- Price, Products

Exploring solar generators in Nigeria offers a green and cost-effective solution to power needs, especially given the country’s frequent power outages. The variety of solar generators available caters to different energy requirements and budgets, making it easier for you to find the perfect match for your home or business needs.

Price Range and Product Options

The solar generator market in Nigeria features a broad price range and product specifications, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

For instance, the UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator is a high-capacity option starting from N500,000, ideal for more extensive power needs, such as running a 200L deep freezer for 16 hours​​. On the more affordable end, the SMS Solar Generator offers basic power solutions from N85,000, suitable for lighting and charging mobile devices​​​​.

Key Considerations

When selecting a solar generator, it’s crucial to consider:

  • Battery Storage Capacity: This determines how long the generator can run on a single charge. Higher capacity units like the Qasa Solar QPG-1000, with a battery capacity of 200ah, offer extended working times​​.
  • Solar PV Input: Ensures continuous charging during the day and low recharge times after nightfall. Generators with higher solar PV inputs can replenish their batteries faster, providing a more reliable power source​​.

Where to Buy

Finding a reliable supplier is crucial when investing in a solar generator. Suppliers like Blue Camel Energy, SolarKobo, Solar Depot Nigeria, and Cloud Energy are known for their quality products and customer service in major Nigerian cities​​.

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Making an Informed Choice

When planning to buy a solar generator, it’s essential to match the generator’s capacity with your power needs. For example, a 1000w generator might not be suitable for a 2000w washing machine but could efficiently power smaller appliances and electronics​​.

Prices and capabilities vary, from the BOSCON 1220W 20W DC Solar Generator suitable for smaller needs, priced between N55,000 and N80,000, to more robust systems like the QASA SOLAR QPG-1000 ranging from N360,000 to N500,000 for those requiring a reliable power source for larger appliances​​.


The solar generator market in Nigeria is growing, providing a range of solutions to meet various energy needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a portable power source for outdoor activities or a reliable backup system for your home, there’s a solar generator that fits the bill.

Remember to consider the battery capacity, solar PV input, and your energy requirements when making your choice, ensuring you invest in a system that meets your needs for years to come.

15 Helpful FAQs on Solar Generators in Nigeria

1. What types of solar generators are available in Nigeria? There’s a wide range of solar generators available, from portable models like the UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator to more compact options such as the SMS Solar Generator. Each caters to different energy needs​​​​.

2. How much does a solar generator cost in Nigeria? Prices vary depending on capacity and brand. For example, the UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator starts from N500,000, while smaller capacity generators like the SMS Solar Generator start from N85,000​​​​.

3. What should I consider when buying a solar generator? Key considerations include battery storage capacity, solar PV input, system balance, portability, component quality, and inverter rating​​.

4. Can solar generators power large appliances? Yes, larger models like the Qasa Solar QPG-1000, with high battery capacity and inverter capability, can power significant appliances, including deep freezers​​​​.

5. Where can I buy a solar generator in Nigeria? Reputable suppliers include Blue Camel Energy, SolarKobo, Solar Depot Nigeria, and Cloud Energy, located in major cities like Lagos and Abuja​​.

6. Are solar generators eco-friendly? Yes, solar generators use renewable energy from the sun, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions​​​​.

7. How long do solar generators last on a single charge? It depends on the model and load. For instance, the Qasa Solar QPG-1000 can last for 19 hours on a 100-watt load​​​​.

8. Do all solar generators come with solar panels? Not all models include solar panels. It’s important to verify whether the solar PV input is part of the package or needs to be purchased separately​​.

9. What is the battery capacity of popular solar generators in Nigeria? Battery capacities vary. For example, the UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator has a 270,000mAH battery, while the Qasa Solar Power Generator QPG-500 features a 70Ah battery​​​​.

10. Can I use a solar generator for outdoor activities? Yes, portable solar generators are ideal for camping, outdoor events, and emergencies, providing a reliable power source away from the grid​​​​.

11. How do I maintain a solar generator? Maintenance typically involves keeping the solar panels clean, ensuring the battery is not overcharged, and storing the generator in a dry, cool place when not in use​​.

12. What is the warranty for solar generators in Nigeria? Warranty terms vary by brand and retailer. It’s crucial to inquire about the warranty coverage for both the solar generator and its components upon purchase​​.

13. Are there financing options available for solar generators? Some suppliers may offer financing plans or payment in installments. Check with individual retailers for any available financing options​​.

14. How do solar generators work? Solar generators convert sunlight into electrical energy using solar panels, store it in a battery, and use an inverter to provide power to electrical devices​​.

15. What accessories might I need with a solar generator? Accessories can include additional solar panels for more power, extra batteries for extended storage, and specific connectors for various devices

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