Solar Energy

Lumos Nigeria Customer Care Number

For Lumos Nigeria customer support, you can contact them at 08000800800 or 800 444 0444, and via email at [email protected]. They are also available on social media platforms like Facebook at Lumos Nigeria ( and Twitter at Lumos Global ( for any inquiries or assistance needed. Conclusion Contacting MTN Lumos customer care can help resolve … Read more

Mtn Solar Fan Price in Nigeria

MTN does not have a solar fan product at the moment. But you can buy Sun King Solar. The price for the Sun King Solar Fan with a 20W solar panel in Nigeria is currently listed at ₦98,164, discounted from its original price of ₦110,975 on Jumia Nigeria. This solar fan is designed to meet … Read more

Sunking Solar Standing Fan Price

Sun King solar standing fans are a popular choice for those seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling solution. These fans are designed to offer superior performance by harnessing the power of solar energy, making them an ideal option for regions with frequent power outages or limited access to electricity. Sun King, known for its range … Read more

Buy Solar Roof Tiles in Nigeria and Why You Should buy from US

In Nigeria, the interest in solar energy solutions is rapidly growing, with homeowners and businesses alike seeking sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to the traditional grid electricity. Among these solutions, solar roof tiles stand out as a cutting-edge option, combining the aesthetic appeal of traditional roofing materials with the functional benefits of solar panels., a … Read more

Portable Solar Rechargeable Fan Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria, where temperatures can soar and electricity supply can be unpredictable, portable solar rechargeable fans offer a refreshing solution. These fans are not only efficient in providing cooling relief but are also eco-friendly and cost-effective, running on renewable solar energy. As the interest in sustainable living increases, so does the demand for solar-powered appliances, … Read more

Portable Solar Generator Price in Nigeria

Portable solar generators have become a popular solution for reliable, clean, and sustainable energy in Nigeria, especially given the country’s challenges with consistent electricity supply. These generators are a versatile option for emergency power backup, outdoor activities, and areas with limited access to the grid. They offer the convenience of portability combined with the benefits … Read more

Solar Pumping Machine Price

Solar pumping machines, an innovative solution for irrigation and water supply, harness the power of the sun to operate water pumps, eliminating the need for conventional electricity or diesel-powered systems. These machines are particularly beneficial in remote or rural areas where access to grid electricity is limited or non-existent. The adoption of solar pumping technology … Read more

Sun King Solar Standing Fan Price in Nigeria

The Sun King Solar standing fan, known for its efficiency and eco-friendliness, is available in Nigeria at varying prices, depending on the purchase option you choose. For an outright purchase, the price is N132,000. For those looking for a more flexible payment plan, Easybuy offers the Solar Fan package for N172,000, requiring a deposit of … Read more

Novel Solar Price List [2024/2025]

Novel Solar is a renewable energy company in Nigeria offering a range of solar products including inverters, batteries, and UPS systems. They focus on providing alternative power solutions for domestic, academic, and industrial applications in Nigeria. Their services include installation, sales, and repair of solar products. Novel Solar has successfully powered over 12,000 households, firms, … Read more

How Many Watts is MTN Lumos?

The MTN Lumos is a solar electricity system that has gained popularity in Nigeria for its ability to provide clean, reliable, and affordable power to homes and businesses. This innovative solution is especially appealing in areas with limited access to the national grid or where power outages are frequent. The MTN Lumos system is designed … Read more


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