Solar Energies

Where Can I Buy Mtn Lumos?

I remember when I first heard about the MTN Lumos solar system; I was intrigued by the possibility of reliable and renewable energy right at my doorstep. This nifty piece of technology, often referred to as the ‘Yellow Box’, promised to revolutionize power usage for many of us living in Nigeria, where electricity supply can … Read more

How to Check Mtn Lumos Balance

When I first embraced the green energy solution offered by MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity in 2017, it represented a leap into a future where I could harness the sun’s power for my daily needs. The transition to solar was smooth, with a simple setup process and a user-friendly system to keep track of energy credits. … Read more

List of Top Renewable Energy Companies in Nigeria

Exploring the vibrant landscape of Nigeria’s renewable energy sector, it’s impossible to miss the buzz around the green revolution taking root in the nation’s bustling economic heartland. In a personal quest to uncover the leading lights of this sustainable transformation, I’ve delved deep into the current market to curate a definitive list of top-tier renewable … Read more

Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria

When searching for reliable solar solutions in Nigeria, the market is bustling with options. Picking the right company can be the difference between a stress-free experience and a litany of challenges. Hence, it is crucial to select a solar provider that not only delivers top-notch equipment but also exceptional service. In the quest for renewable … Read more

1.5hp Solar Water Pump Price in Nigeria

Harnessing the power of the sun to meet water needs is not just environmentally prudent but also economically savvy, particularly in sunny regions like Nigeria. A 1.5 horsepower (HP) solar water pump represents a substantial investment for agricultural, domestic, or industrial use, ensuring the delivery of water without reliance on the grid or generators. The … Read more

List of Mtn Lumos Subscription Plans

Navigating the bustling markets and vibrant streets of Nigeria, the buzz of conversation often swirls around the latest in tech and sustainable living. Among these talks, MTN Lumos subscription plans feature prominently — a topic I’ve become well-versed in. In a country blessed with abundant sunshine, the MTN Lumos solar power solution is not just … Read more

List of Grundfos Solar Pumps Price In Nigeria

Today, we shall be discussing Grundfos submersible pumps price list as of this year. It is no news that Grundfos solar submersible pumps are one of the best solar submersible pumps in the country and the long list of our satisfied customers have further re-affirm their position as the best submersible solar pump in Africa, … Read more


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