Lumos Internet Reviews and Complaints

Lumos Internet has garnered mixed reviews and feedback from its users. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the service, citing issues with equipment reliability, customer service, and billing practices.

For example, there were complaints about the equipment failing frequently, poor customer service responsiveness, and unexpected charges or billing errors. One customer described their experience with Lumos as frustrating, mentioning that they had to reset their router multiple times a day and faced unresolved issues with their TV box and router, which also affected other devices like the Ring doorbell​​.

On the other hand, Lumos Networks has received positive feedback in terms of its internet service offerings, particularly highlighting its attractive pricing for fiber plans. Lumos offers a range of fiber internet plans that are competitively priced, especially when compared to other providers.

Their plans don’t automatically increase in price after the first year, which is a common practice in the industry. For example, their 200 Mbps plan is priced at $40/month, and higher speed tiers offer good value with minimal price increases after promotional periods. Lumos Fiber is also commended for not imposing data caps on its plans, allowing unlimited streaming, downloading, and online gaming without worrying about overage fees​​​​.

Lumos seems to be working hard to replace DSL networks with fiber service, aiming to offer fast and reliable internet connectivity. Despite the challenges some customers have faced, the company’s efforts to expand and improve its fiber infrastructure could indicate a commitment to enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction over time.

If you’re considering Lumos Internet, it may be beneficial to weigh these pros and cons based on user reviews and the company’s current offerings.

Additionally, checking for the latest deals and ensuring that their service meets your specific needs and expectations can help make a more informed decision.

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