How Many Watts is MTN Lumos?

The MTN Lumos is a solar electricity system that has gained popularity in Nigeria for its ability to provide clean, reliable, and affordable power to homes and businesses. This innovative solution is especially appealing in areas with limited access to the national grid or where power outages are frequent. The MTN Lumos system is designed to cater to the basic power needs of a household, such as lighting, charging mobile devices, and powering small appliances.

Understanding the MTN Lumos System

The MTN Lumos system typically comes in various configurations and capacities, designed to meet different energy needs. The most common model provided under the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity Service is the Lumos Eco, which offers a power capacity of about 80 watts.

Key Features of the MTN Lumos System

  • Solar Panel: The system includes a high-efficiency solar panel that captures solar energy and converts it into electrical power. The standard solar panel size for the Lumos system is capable of generating sufficient power to charge the battery unit under optimal sunlight conditions.
  • Battery Unit: The converted power is stored in a DC (Direct Current) battery unit, allowing users to access electricity anytime, even during the night or on cloudy days. The battery capacity is designed to support the energy needs of a typical household for lighting and charging.
  • DC to AC Inverter: While the basic Lumos system primarily supports DC appliances, an additional DC to AC inverter can be used to power AC (Alternating Current) devices, albeit with limitations on power consumption due to the system’s overall capacity.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances: The system is best suited for running low-power appliances such as LED bulbs, mobile phone chargers, small fans, and radios. High-power appliances like kettles, irons, and hair dryers are beyond the system’s capacity.

Benefits of the MTN Lumos System

  • Accessibility: The system is widely accessible through MTN, making it easy for households across Nigeria to acquire.
  • Affordability: With a pay-as-you-go model, users can access electricity at a low initial cost and pay for usage over time, making solar power more affordable for the average consumer.
  • Reliability: The Lumos system provides a consistent power supply, reducing reliance on the inconsistent national grid and expensive, polluting generators.
  • Sustainability: By using solar energy, the Lumos system promotes environmental sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional electricity generation.


The MTN Lumos system, with its 80-watt capacity, represents a significant step towards addressing Nigeria’s energy access challenges. It offers a practical and sustainable solution for households looking to improve their power supply reliability while managing costs.

As the demand for clean energy solutions continues to grow in Nigeria, systems like MTN Lumos play a crucial role in paving the way for a more sustainable and energy-independent future.

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