Prices of Solar Inverter in Nigeria.

Exploring solar inverter options in Nigeria reveals a diverse market catering to a wide range of power needs and budgets. Whether you’re setting up a new solar power system or upgrading an existing one, understanding the price range and types of inverters available is crucial for making an informed decision.

Types and Prices of Solar Inverters in Nigeria

Solar inverters come in various types, including battery inverters, central inverters, hybrid inverters, microinverters, and string inverters, each suited to different solar system sizes and applications​​. For example, hybrid inverters are an all-in-one solution offering intelligent energy utilization, making them ideal for residential use where battery storage and efficient energy use are priorities.

The cost of solar inverters varies widely depending on their capacity and type. Prices range from as low as ₦70,000 for a 2KVA BLUEGATE 24V Solar Inverter to ₦3 million for a comprehensive 5KVA Solar Power Inverter System​​. For those with larger energy needs, a 7.5 KVA hybrid inverter system starts from N5,550,000​​.

Where to Buy

You can purchase solar inverters in Nigeria from both physical stores and online platforms. Notable mentions include SolarKobo, Solar Depot, and Greenergies for physical purchases. For online shopping, Jumia, Konga, and Wavetra Energy are popular choices offering a wide range of products and competitive prices​​.

Making the Right Choice

When selecting a solar inverter, consider not just the price but also the efficiency, warranty, and after-sales service offered. A quality solar inverter can significantly reduce electricity bills and improve energy efficiency over time.

It’s also recommended to invest in an inverter with a good warranty (at least 5 years) and to ensure that the manufacturer or supplier provides reliable after-sales support​​.

Comparing Prices and Features

To compare solar inverter prices effectively:

  1. Identify your power needs to determine the required load capacity.
  2. Research and compare top solar inverter brands available in Nigeria.
  3. Pay attention to efficiency rates, warranty periods, and the quality of after-sales service when comparing prices​​.


Investing in a solar inverter is a significant step towards a more sustainable and independent energy solution for your home or business in Nigeria.

With a broad range of options available, from affordable models for basic power needs to advanced systems for comprehensive home power, there’s a solar inverter solution for every budget and requirement. Remember to conduct thorough research and choose a reliable product that guarantees long-term benefits and savings.

15 Helpful FAQs on Solar Inverters in Nigeria

1. What types of solar inverters are available in Nigeria? Nigeria offers a range of solar inverters including battery, central, hybrid, microinverters, and string inverters, each designed for specific system sizes and applications​​.

2. How much does a solar inverter cost in Nigeria? Prices vary widely, from as low as ₦70,000 for a 2KVA inverter to up to ₦3 million for a comprehensive 5KVA system. Advanced systems like a 7.5 KVA hybrid inverter start from N5,550,000​​​​.

3. Where can I buy a solar inverter in Nigeria? You can purchase from physical stores like SolarKobo, Solar Depot, and Greenergies, or online platforms such as Jumia, Konga, and Wavetra Energy​​.

4. What should I consider when choosing a solar inverter? Consider efficiency, warranty, and after-sales service. A quality inverter should offer high efficiency, a warranty of at least 5 years, and reliable after-sales support​​.

5. How do I compare solar inverter prices? Identify your power needs, research brands, compare prices and specifications, read customer reviews, and consider the manufacturer’s reputation and reliability​​.

6. Can a hybrid inverter save me money? Yes, hybrid inverters combine solar inverter, battery charger, and battery inverter functionalities, offering intelligent energy utilization that can lead to significant savings​​.

7. What is a microinverter, and why would I need one? Microinverters are attached directly to each solar panel, converting DC to AC at the panel. They’re beneficial for maximizing energy production, especially in shaded or complex roof layouts​​.

8. Are there affordable solar inverter options in Nigeria? Yes, options like the 2.4 KVA Solar Inverter at ₦62,000 – ₦68,000 offer affordable solutions for those on a budget​​.

9. What capacity solar inverter do I need for a small home? For basic home appliances, a 2KVA to 3.5KVA inverter range is often sufficient, depending on your specific power requirements​​​​.

10. Is installation included in the price of a solar inverter? Installation costs are usually separate. It’s crucial to consider both the product price and installation service charges when budgeting for a solar inverter​​.

11. Can solar inverters work during a power outage? Yes, solar inverters, especially those with battery backup systems, can provide uninterrupted power during outages​​​​.

12. How long do solar inverters last? With proper maintenance, solar inverters can last 10 to 20 years. Choosing a reputable brand and ensuring correct installation are key factors in longevity​​.

13. Do solar inverters come with warranties? Yes, look for inverters that offer at least a 5-year warranty to ensure protection against defects or malfunctions​​.

14. How can I ensure I’m buying a quality solar inverter? Research the brand, check for warranties, read customer reviews, and consider the efficiency and reliability of the inverter​​​​.

15. What’s the most efficient way to use a solar inverter? Maximize efficiency by matching your inverter size to your power needs, installing enough solar panels to cover your energy consumption, and utilizing energy during peak production hours​​​​.

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