MTN Lumos vs. Beebeejump: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right solar solution between MTN Lumos and Beebeejump can be quite the dilemma. Both offer unique benefits tailored to different needs. Here’s a breakdown to help guide your decision.

MTN Lumos Overview

MTN Lumos offers two main products: Lumos Prime and Lumos Eco. These systems are designed for basic electricity needs, such as lighting, charging phones, and powering small appliances.

The Lumos Prime, for instance, includes two 80W solar panels and a 330Wh battery, capable of powering laptops, DC fans, radios, and more. Lumos Eco, with its 200Wh battery, caters to even more basic needs like LED lights and small TVs.

Payment plans for these systems are flexible, allowing users to spread the cost over time, with the option of paying via MTN airtime.

The system price includes an initial setup fee plus monthly subscriptions, with the option to become the system’s owner after a specified period​​​​.

Beebeejump Solar S1 Highlights

Beebeejump’s Solar S1 system is presented as a formidable competitor to MTN Lumos, offering a 338Wh battery and a 160W solar panel. This system can power LED TVs, decoders, fans, and lights, and allows for charging via both solar panels and NEPA/PHCN.

Unlike MTN Lumos, Beebeejump does not require monthly subscriptions, making it an attractive one-time purchase. The system also comes with a free DC standing fan and two LED bulbs. The Beebeejump Solar S1 is priced at ₦250,000, providing a comprehensive package without the need for ongoing payments​​.

Direct Comparison

Feature Beebeejump Solar S1 MTN Lumos Prime MTN Lumos Eco
Battery Size 338Wh 330Wh 200Wh
Solar Panel 160W 160W (2x80W) 80W
Monthly Subscription No Yes (or buy outright) Yes (or buy outright)
Inverter 150W 150W 60W
Price ₦250,000 ₦235,000 (MTN offer) Various Plans


Both MTN Lumos and Beebeejump offer solid solar solutions, but the choice between them depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you prefer a system without the hassle of monthly subscriptions, Beebeejump Solar S1 might be the way to go. It offers a robust battery and more flexibility in charging options.

On the other hand, MTN Lumos provides a structured payment plan that could be appealing for those who prefer to spread out the cost over time, despite it being potentially more costly in the long run due to subscription fees.

Before making a decision, consider what you need from a solar system. If you’re looking for a straightforward, one-time purchase with no ongoing costs, Beebeejump could be the better choice.

However, if you’re open to a subscription model that allows for a lower initial investment, MTN Lumos might suit you better. Whichever you choose, you’ll be taking a step towards sustainable, renewable energy for your home or office.

Helpful FAQs on MTN Lumos vs. Beebeejump

1. What are the main differences between MTN Lumos and Beebeejump Solar S1 systems?

  • Answer: Beebeejump Solar S1 offers a one-time purchase option without monthly subscriptions, while MTN Lumos offers flexible payment plans with the option of monthly subscriptions. Beebeejump has a larger battery and solar panel compared to some MTN Lumos options​​​​​​.

2. Can Beebeejump Solar S1 be charged with NEPA/PHCN?

  • Answer: Yes, Beebeejump Solar S1 can be charged using NEPA/PHCN in addition to solar charging, providing flexibility in power sources​​.

3. Does MTN Lumos require a monthly subscription?

  • Answer: Yes, MTN Lumos offers systems with a monthly subscription model, but it also provides an option to buy outrightly to avoid monthly fees​​​​.

4. What appliances can the Beebeejump Solar S1 power?

  • Answer: It can power LED TVs, decoders, fans, lights, and charge phones. However, it’s not suitable for heavy appliances like air conditioners or large fridges​​.

5. What is the warranty period for Beebeejump Solar S1?

  • Answer: Beebeejump Solar S1 comes with varying warranties for its components, with the solar battery offering a five-year warranty​​.

6. How much does the Beebeejump Solar S1 cost?

  • Answer: The Beebeejump Solar S1 is priced at ₦250,000 for the complete system​​.

7. What is included in the Beebeejump Solar S1 package?

  • Answer: The package includes the indoor solar unit, a 160W solar panel, a DC brush-less fan, a 150W inverter, a NEPA/PHCN charger, and two LED bulbs​​.

8. How does MTN Lumos work?

  • Answer: MTN Lumos converts sunlight into electricity through a solar panel, storing it in a battery for later use. The system includes a hybrid feature for automatic switching between solar and grid power​​.

9. What are the benefits of MTN Lumos?

  • Answer: MTN Lumos is eco-friendly, reduces carbon emissions, is noiseless, easy to install, and offers a mobile app for account management among other benefits​​.

10. Can MTN Lumos power heavy appliances?

  • Answer: No, MTN Lumos kits are designed for basic users and cannot power high-capacity appliances like tube TVs, desktop computers, or air conditioners​​.

11. How can I get MTN Lumos?

  • Answer: You can visit any MTN store or agent, fill out a registration form, pay the setup fee, and choose your preferred payment plan​​.

12. What are the payment plans for MTN Lumos?

  • Answer: MTN Lumos offers various payment plans, including daily, 5-day, 10-day, 20-day, 30-day, 60-day, 180-day, and yearly plans, with prices decreasing for longer commitments​​.

13. How do I manage my MTN Lumos account?

  • Answer: You can manage your MTN Lumos account using the mobile app or USSD code, providing flexibility and convenience​​.

14. What happens if I default on my MTN Lumos payments?

  • Answer: If you default on payments or violate the terms and conditions, MTN Lumos reserves the right to deactivate or repossess your system​​.

15. Are there any installation fees for MTN Lumos?

  • Answer: Yes, customers are required to pay directly to the installer, and the fee can vary depending on the location

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