2024: Beebeejump H-series Price

The Beebeejump H-Series solar systems offer a range of high-capacity solar solutions suitable for large houses and businesses. With options ranging from 5kVA to 20kVA, these systems are capable of powering significant equipment like pumping machines and freezers.

Each system is tailored to meet the energy demands of various setups, ensuring a reliable power supply backed by a 5-year battery warranty. The pricing structure reflects the scalability and power capacity of each model within the H-Series range.

It is a big system that can be used to power equipment like pumping machines, Freezers. The H series product comes with 5 years battery warranty period.

  • H2 5KVA – #3,300,000
  • H3 10KVA – #6,600,000
  • H4 15KVA – #9,900,000
  • H5 20KVA – #13,200,000


the Beebeejump H-Series offers a range of solar systems, from the 5kVA H2 model suitable for large residences and small businesses to the 20kVA H5 model designed for larger commercial setups.

These systems, priced from ₦3,300,000 to ₦13,200,000, feature solar panels, batteries, and inverters scalable up to 20kVA.

They’re capable of powering heavy-duty equipment and come with a 5-year battery warranty, highlighting their reliability and long-term value.

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They gave me a quote on solar panel installation in my Lekki home and I was wowed by their professionalism. I recommend them to my friends now too.

Mark Doe


Absolutely brilliant! Their solar inverters and panels work wonders on my real estate project at Abuja. Please, give them a trial and see for yourself.

Maria Doe


They are the best solar company in Lagos, Nigeria for a reason. I enjoyed every bit of time spent working with them at my brothers Banana Island home. Absolutely the best!

Marcus Doe