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Hey! If you’re on the hunt for a solar home system that combines reliability with affordability, the Lumos PRIME is a fantastic pick. Designed to cater to your basic power needs, this system is a gem for households and small businesses alike.

What Makes Lumos PRIME Stand Out?

The Lumos PRIME system is equipped with a 330Wh LiFePO4 in-built battery, complemented by two 80W solar panels, ensuring fast and efficient charging. This setup is perfect for powering LED bulbs, charging mobile devices, and supporting small AC and DC appliances​​.

Pricing and Installation

Understanding the costs associated with the Lumos PRIME is crucial. When you order the Lumos solar system from Jumia, the price for the unit itself is ₦260,000. Installation fees are quite reasonable and vary by location. In Lagos, for instance, you’ll pay N4000 for a Lumos-certified installer to set up your system, while in Rivers/Bayelsa, it’s N3000, and in other states, it’s N2000​​​​.

Why Go for Lumos PRIME?

Opting for Lumos PRIME means you’re choosing a solar power system that’s not only cost-effective but also versatile enough to handle a range of appliances within its capacity. It’s a smart move for anyone looking to reduce their reliance on the grid, cut down on electricity bills, and embrace a greener lifestyle.

For those considering Lumos PRIME, it’s worth noting that while it may not power every appliance you own, especially high-consumption ones like large fridges or multiple fans simultaneously, it’s incredibly effective for a range of smaller, essential devices. Its dual 80W solar panels ensure that you have a reliable power source throughout the day, and its comprehensive setup is designed to cater to the average electricity consumer’s needs efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The Lumos PRIME is an excellent investment for anyone looking to harness the power of solar energy without breaking the bank. With its straightforward installation process, robust battery storage, and ability to power essential appliances, it represents a step towards sustainable and independent living. If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, the Lumos PRIME is worth considering.

For further details or to make a purchase, visiting the Lumos official website or checking out Jumia’s offerings would be your next steps. Remember, embracing solar power is not just about energy efficiency; it’s about making a conscious choice for a sustainable future.

Helpful FAQs on Lumos PRIME Solar System

1. What components come with the Lumos PRIME solar system?

  • Answer: The Lumos PRIME package includes a 330Wh LiFePO4 in-built battery, two 80W solar panels, a charging cable, four LED bulbs, and a DC-AC converter​​.

2. How much does the Lumos PRIME system cost?

  • Answer: The Lumos PRIME solar system is priced at ₦260,000 on Jumia​​.

3. Are there installation charges for Lumos PRIME, and how much are they?

  • Answer: Yes, installation charges apply and vary by location: N4000 in Lagos, N3000 in Rivers/Bayelsa, and N2000 in other states​​.

4. Can Lumos PRIME power a small fridge and a standing fan simultaneously?

  • Answer: No, the Lumos PRIME cannot power both a small fridge and a standing fan at the same time​​.

5. Is the Lumos PRIME capable of powering LED TVs and decoders?

  • Answer: Yes, the Lumos PRIME can efficiently power LED TVs and decoders simultaneously​​.

6. What is the warranty period for the Lumos PRIME product?

  • Answer: The product is covered by a manufacturer warranty within 1 year of purchase, excluding accessories like the DC-AC converter​​.

7. Can Lumos PRIME power a laptop?

  • Answer: Yes, Lumos PRIME can power a laptop, even the Lumos eco model can do so​​.

8. How can I purchase the Lumos PRIME system?

  • Answer: You can purchase the Lumos PRIME system through Jumia or visit MTN Walk-in centres across Nigeria​​​​.

9. What should I do if my Lumos PRIME DC to AC converter spoils?

  • Answer: If the DC to AC converter spoils, it is recommended to get a new 150W to 300+ Watts converter that is compatible and durable for the Lumos system​​.

10. How long does the Lumos PRIME battery last on a full charge?

  • Answer: The duration depends on the number of appliances connected and their power consumption. However, it can power two LED light bulbs for up to 5 hours​​.

11. How does the Lumos PRIME payment plan work?

  • Answer: The Lumos PRIME offers a Pay-as-you-go plan where you can pay towards the ownership of the system via small daily installments​​.

12. Can the Lumos PRIME system be tracked if stolen?

  • Answer: While Lumos panels and systems have unique designs that discourage theft, they do not come with a tracker. However, the system’s design makes it difficult for someone to use without the proper panel and cable​​.

13. What are the subscription costs for Lumos PRIME?

  • Answer: The subscription cost for Lumos PRIME is ₦7,300 per month for four years​​.

14. After how many days of payment does the Lumos PRIME system unlock for free use?

  • Answer: After 1800 paid days, the Lumos PRIME system unlocks permanently, allowing you to use the energy for free for the rest of the system’s useful life​​.

15. Where can I get support if I face issues with my Lumos PRIME system?

  • Answer: For support, you can contact Lumos directly through their customer service or visit the official Lumos website for more contact information​.

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