Hello there! If you’re exploring solar power solutions, you’ve probably come across the Lumos ECO Solar Home System. It’s a fantastic option for those looking to power their household or small business with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Let’s dive into what makes the Lumos ECO stand out and how it can light up your world.

Lumos ECO Highlights

The Lumos ECO is designed with your basic power needs in mind. It features an 80W solar panel paired with a 200Wh battery, making it suitable for lighting, charging phones, and powering small appliances. It’s a great starter kit for anyone looking to dip their toes into solar power without a hefty initial investment​​.

Pricing and What You Get

Now, onto the juicy details – the price. The Lumos ECO system is incredibly affordable, especially considering the long-term savings on electricity bills. In Nigeria, the one-time payment for the Lumos ECO starts at just 20,000 Naira. This initial cost gives you access to a system that can significantly cut down your reliance on grid-supply, which is often unreliable in many regions​​.

When you order the Lumos ECO, you’re not just getting a solar panel and a battery. The system includes:

  • Two bright LED bulbs for efficient lighting
  • A variety of ports: two USB ports for charging devices and four DC output jacks for connecting DC-powered devices
  • A 60W DC to AC converter, allowing you to power AC appliances within the system’s capacity
  • A convenient pay-as-you-go payment plan, offering flexibility in managing your solar power expenses​​.

Installation and Support

Concerned about the setup? Don’t be! Upon purchasing the Lumos ECO from places like Jumia, a Lumos-certified installer will visit your location to install the system. Installation fees are reasonable and vary by location, ensuring you get up and running without hassle​​.

Making the Choice

Choosing the Lumos ECO means investing in a sustainable future while enjoying the immediate benefits of solar power. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and clean energy solution that’s both easy to install and use. With Lumos Nigeria, you’re guaranteed quality and support, making the transition to solar power smooth and worry-free​​.

Lumos Nigeria is committed to providing high-quality solar home systems, and the Lumos ECO is no exception. It’s a testament to their mission of powering homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. If you’re ready to take the leap into solar power, the Lumos ECO is an excellent starting point.

For more information or to make a purchase, visiting the official Lumos Nigeria website or checking Jumia for availability would be your best bet. Embracing solar power with Lumos ECO is not just an investment in clean energy; it’s a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Helpful FAQs on Lumos ECO Solar Home System

1. What is the Lumos ECO Solar Home System?

  • Answer: The Lumos ECO is an off-grid solar home system designed to provide clean, reliable, and affordable electricity, especially in areas with unreliable grid supply. It’s perfect for powering lighting, charging mobile devices, and running small appliances​​​​.

2. How much does the Lumos ECO cost?

  • Answer: The one-time payment for the Lumos ECO system starts at 20,000 Naira, offering an affordable entry into solar power​​.

3. What comes included in the Lumos ECO package?

  • Answer: The package includes an 80W solar panel, a 200Wh battery, two LED bulbs, two USB ports, four DC output jacks, and a 60W DC to AC converter for connecting AC appliances within the system’s capacity​​.

4. Can the Lumos ECO power AC appliances?

  • Answer: Yes, with the included 60W DC to AC converter, you can power small AC appliances within the converter’s capacity​​.

5. What is the battery capacity of the Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: The Lumos ECO features a 200Wh battery, suitable for basic electricity needs​​.

6. How are the installation costs for the Lumos ECO handled?

  • Answer: Installation costs vary by location. For example, in Lagos, it’s N4000, in Rivers/Bayelsa it’s N3000, and in other states, it’s N2000​​.

7. How long does it take to charge the Lumos ECO battery?

  • Answer: It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery on a bright day​​.

8. Is there a warranty for the Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: Yes, the Lumos ECO and all Lumos products come with a warranty. Specific warranty details can be found on Lumos Nigeria’s official website or product documentation​​.

9. Can I power my laptop with the Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: Yes, the system can power a laptop along with other devices like LED lamps, radios, and mobile phones​​.

10. How does the pay-as-you-go payment plan work for Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: Users can pay towards the ownership of the system via small daily installments, unlocking the system for use after each payment​​.

11. After how many days does the system become free to use?

  • Answer: After 1800 paid days, the Lumos ECO system unlocks permanently, allowing free use for the rest of the system’s useful life​​.

12. Where can I purchase the Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: You can buy the Lumos ECO system at MTN Walk-in centers across Nigeria or through online platforms like Jumia​​​​.

13. How do I get support if I face issues with my Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: Lumos Nigeria provides customer support. You can get assistance by visiting their official website for contact information​​.

14. Can the Lumos ECO system be tracked if stolen?

  • Answer: Lumos systems have unique design features that discourage theft, though they do not come with a tracker. It’s advisable to install the system in a secure location​​.

15. Are there any installation requirements for the Lumos ECO?

  • Answer: A Lumos-certified installer will handle the installation, ensuring that the solar panel is properly mounted and the system is set up correctly for optimal performance

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