How Much is Sunking Solar Freezer?

The Sun King Solar Freezer in Nigeria is priced at N165,000 for an outright purchase and N180,000 if bought through the Easy Buy payment plan. With the Easy Buy option, a down payment of N27,500 is required, followed by weekly payments of N2,500 until the full amount is paid.

Using a Sun King solar freezer offers benefits such as energy efficiency, sustainability, and the ability to keep food frozen without relying on the grid. It’s an eco-friendly solution that utilizes renewable solar energy, reducing electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Using a solar freezer offers several benefits, including reduced energy costs by harnessing free solar power, decreased carbon footprint contributing to environmental conservation, and reliability in areas with unstable electricity supply. Solar freezers provide long-term savings, making them a cost-effective solution for preserving food and medicines, especially in remote locations without access to the grid.

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They gave me a quote on solar panel installation in my Lekki home and I was wowed by their professionalism. I recommend them to my friends now too.

Mark Doe


Absolutely brilliant! Their solar inverters and panels work wonders on my real estate project at Abuja. Please, give them a trial and see for yourself.

Maria Doe


They are the best solar company in Lagos, Nigeria for a reason. I enjoyed every bit of time spent working with them at my brothers Banana Island home. Absolutely the best!

Marcus Doe