Felicity Solar Price List in Nigeria

Exploring Felicity Solar offerings in Nigeria reveals a diverse range of solar products suitable for various energy needs and budgets. Felicity Solar is known for its high-quality solar solutions, ranging from solar inverters to batteries and charge controllers. Their products cater to both residential and commercial requirements, making renewable energy accessible and reliable for everyone.

Highlighted Felicity Solar Products and Prices:

  • Inverters: Felicity Solar offers a variety of inverters, such as the 5kVA 48V hybrid inverter with a built-in 6000W MPPT controller, priced at ₦645,000, and the 7.5kVA 48V hybrid inverter with a built-in 120A MPPT, which is available for ₦1,150,000​​.
  • Solar Charge Controllers: Options include the 100A Solar Charge Controller Mppt 12v/24v/48v available for ₦367,999, showcasing Felicity Solar’s commitment to providing solutions for efficient energy management​​.
  • Batteries: The 24V 5KWH 200AH Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery is offered at ₦1,450,000, highlighting the brand’s focus on durable and long-lasting energy storage solutions​​.

Installation Packages and System Capabilities:

For those interested in comprehensive solar power systems, Felicity Solar products can be integrated into tailored solutions, such as:

  • A 6kVA system suitable for homes and small businesses, which might include a 6kVA Pure sine wave inverter, 9 X 300-340Wp mono solar panels, and necessary accessories for installation, with prices starting from ₦930,000​​.
  • For larger energy needs, a 20kW/24kVA system designed for office establishments and larger homes, equipped with 16 X 12V 200Ah deep cycle batteries, 4 X 5kW Pure sine wave inverters, and more, starts from ₦12,589,000​​.

Why Choose Felicity Solar?

Felicity Solar stands out in the Nigerian market for its robust and reliable solar solutions. Their products are designed with the consumer’s energy needs in mind, offering scalable solutions from small residential setups to large commercial installations. The wide range of products, combined with their reliability and efficiency, makes Felicity Solar a top choice for those looking to embrace renewable energy in Nigeria.

For further details on products, pricing, and how to purchase, visiting platforms like Jumia​​ or Felicity Solar’s official Nigerian outlets is recommended. This ensures access to genuine products, warranty services, and professional installation support, making the transition to solar energy smooth and hassle-free.

  1. What types of solar inverters does Felicity Solar offer?
    • Felicity Solar provides a range of inverters, including hybrid and pure sine wave inverters, suitable for various applications. For instance, they offer a 5kVA 48V hybrid inverter with an inbuilt 6000W MPPT controller​​.
  2. Are there solar charge controllers available from Felicity Solar?
    • Yes, Felicity Solar offers MPPT solar charge controllers in various capacities such as 60A, 80A, 100A, and 120A, catering to different solar system sizes​​.
  3. Can I find a solar battery solution from Felicity Solar?
    • Felicity Solar offers lithium and gel battery options, including a 24V 5KWH 200AH Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery, providing reliable energy storage for solar systems​​.
  4. What is the price range of Felicity Solar products in Nigeria?
    • Prices vary depending on the product type and specifications. For example, the 5kVA 48V hybrid inverter is priced at ₦645,000, and the 120A Solar Charge Controller Mppt is around ₦700,000​​.
  5. Where can I buy Felicity Solar products in Nigeria?
    • Felicity Solar products can be purchased through online platforms like Jumia, as well as authorized dealers across Nigeria​​.
  6. How do I choose the right Felicity Solar product for my needs?
    • Consider your energy requirements, such as the total wattage of appliances you need to power, and choose a product that matches or exceeds this capacity. Consulting with a solar energy expert is also advisable for tailored advice.
  7. Are installation services included with Felicity Solar products?
    • Installation services may not be included in the product price. It’s recommended to inquire from the seller or look for packages that include installation to ensure professional setup​​.
  8. Can Felicity Solar products support commercial applications?
    • Yes, Felicity Solar provides solutions for both residential and commercial applications, offering products like the 7.5kVA inverters suitable for larger energy needs​​.
  9. Do Felicity Solar products come with a warranty?
    • While specific warranty details were not provided, most solar products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to confirm the warranty period and coverage directly with the seller or by checking the product documentation.
  10. How does Felicity Solar contribute to renewable energy in Nigeria?
    • Felicity Solar offers a wide range of solar products, from inverters and batteries to charge controllers, facilitating the adoption of renewable energy across Nigeria. Their products are designed for both residential and commercial use, making solar power more accessible and reliable for all types of consumer

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Absolutely brilliant! Their solar inverters and panels work wonders on my real estate project at Abuja. Please, give them a trial and see for yourself.

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