SunKing Solar Customer Care in Nigeria – Whatsapp, Call, SMS

Hey there! If you’re looking to get in touch with SunKing Solar’s customer care in Nigeria, you’re in the right place. SunKing is renowned for its high-quality solar products and exceptional customer service. Whether you have queries about their products, need support, or wish to explore their solar solutions, reaching out to their customer care is straightforward.

SunKing Solar Customer Care Contact Details:

For any inquiries or assistance, SunKing Solar has made it easy for Nigerian customers to reach out through various channels:

  • Phone Numbers: You can dial 016312156 or +2348007865464 to speak directly with their customer support team. These numbers are primarily for Nigerian customers looking for quick responses to their inquiries or need support with SunKing products​​​​.
  • Email Address: If you prefer writing down your queries or require support through email, you can contact SunKing’s customer care team at [email protected]. This is a convenient option if you need to send detailed information or have documentation to share regarding your inquiry​​​​.
  • Office Address for Personal Visits: SunKing welcomes customers at their office for more personal interactions. You can find them at No 19 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. Visiting their office allows you to make inquiries, view product demonstrations, and receive assistance with installations​​.

How To Recharge SunKing Solar in Nigeria:

Recharging your SunKing solar product is made simple. Initially, at the point of purchase, you should be informed about the payment procedure. However, if you need guidance, you can reach out to SunKing’s customer care or visit the nearest authorized retailer or distributor for assistance with recharge options for your specific SunKing solar product​​​​.

Exploring SunKing Products:

SunKing offers a wide range of solar products, from solar-powered fans and freezers to solar TVs and inverters. Their solar-powered fans, for example, are highly popular for their efficiency and the ability to run up to 18 hours on a single charge in low-speed mode.

For those looking for solar-powered refrigeration solutions, SunKing’s solar freezers are designed to provide reliable frozen storage even during power outages​​.

Whether you’re new to solar energy or looking to upgrade your solar solutions, SunKing’s customer care team is ready to assist you with all your solar needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details provided for a seamless experience with SunKing Solar in Nigeria.

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They gave me a quote on solar panel installation in my Lekki home and I was wowed by their professionalism. I recommend them to my friends now too.

Mark Doe


Absolutely brilliant! Their solar inverters and panels work wonders on my real estate project at Abuja. Please, give them a trial and see for yourself.

Maria Doe


They are the best solar company in Lagos, Nigeria for a reason. I enjoyed every bit of time spent working with them at my brothers Banana Island home. Absolutely the best!

Marcus Doe