Solar Battery Price in Nigeria & Where to Buy

Navigating the solar battery market in Nigeria can be quite the adventure given the wide array of options available. Prices can vary significantly based on factors such as brand, capacity, technology, and where you choose to make your purchase.

From detailed reviews and comparisons on EarthBond, to a broad selection of products on Jumia NG, and insightful pricing details on Pricenow, there’s a wealth of information to help guide your decision.

For those looking into deep-cycle batteries, you’re looking at a price range that starts from around NGN 285,899 for a 200Ah Multipower inverter battery, with prices climbing depending on capacity and specifications.

For instance, the Felicity Solar 200Ah 12V Gel Battery is priced around NGN 255,000 to NGN 275,000, while larger capacity batteries, like the Felicity Solar 10KWH High Capacity 200Ah Lithium 48V Battery, can go up to NGN 2,589,999​​.

If you’re interested in a broader view of the market, offers a list of solar batteries ranging from A&E Dunamis deep cycle inverter batteries priced at NGN 138,000 to high-end options like the Genus 200AH/12V Inverter Battery, which could cost you about NGN 120,000 after discounts.

They also highlight the importance of considering factors such as cooling efficiency, power requirement, and warranty before making your purchase​​.

For those seeking specific brands, the Sun King Pro series offers smaller capacity solar freezers, with the 110L model priced between NGN 65,000 to NGN 75,000, showcasing how solar-powered appliances are becoming increasingly accessible for various budget ranges​​.

When selecting a solar battery, it’s essential to balance your energy needs with your budget constraints. High-capacity, high-quality batteries like those from Felicity Solar or the expansive range available on Jumia NG cater to a broad spectrum of power storage requirements, from residential to commercial applications.

Remember, investing in a quality solar battery not only powers your immediate needs but also contributes to a sustainable future.

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