Risen Solar Panels Review

Risen Energy has been a formidable presence in the Australian solar market since 2008. Their commitment to the region is underscored by a local office in Victoria and strategic distribution agreements, ensuring availability and support for their products​​.

Renowned for their quality and longevity, Risen panels come from a Tier 1 manufacturer, reflecting their bankability and reliability.

They’re not just affordable; they’re also designed to perform exceptionally well under Australian conditions, including in shaded areas​​.

Performance and Efficiency

Risen panels are celebrated for their efficiency and robust performance. The Jäger Plus and Titan Series, for instance, boast high efficiency rates up to 21.7%, ensuring optimal energy production even in limited space. Their performance is further enhanced by technologies that reduce degradation and maximize output over time​​​​​​.

Cost and Value

Affordability without compromising quality is a hallmark of Risen solar panels. They are priced competitively, offering great value, especially when considering the potential savings on energy bills and available solar rebates. Risen panels represent a smart investment for homeowners looking for a quick return on investment and long-term savings​​.

Warranty and Support

Risen provides robust warranty terms, including product warranties up to 25 years for certain series, reflecting confidence in their product’s durability and performance. Their Australian presence means customers have easier access to support and warranty claims, offering peace of mind post-installation​​​​.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of Risen solar panels include their high efficiency, durability, and competitive pricing. They are designed to withstand Australian conditions, offering high performance and reduced degradation over time.

However, like any product, they may not be the perfect fit for every situation, especially for those seeking the absolute highest efficiency available on the market.

FAQs on Risen Solar Panels

  1. Are Risen solar panels good quality?
    • Yes, Risen solar panels are recognized for their quality, holding a Bloomberg Tier 1 ranking and being listed as a PV Evolution Labs Top Performer​​​​.
  2. How efficient are Risen solar panels?
    • Risen solar panels, such as the Titan S and TOPCon series, offer high efficiencies up to 22.5%, making them competitive in the market​​​​.
  3. What warranties do Risen solar panels come with?
    • Risen offers a 12-year product guarantee and a 30-year linear power warranty for the Sieger series, and the Titan series panels come with a 25-year product warranty​​​​.
  4. Can Risen solar panels perform well in shaded conditions?
    • Yes, Risen solar products are designed to operate flawlessly even in shaded conditions, offering versatility for various installation environments​​.
  5. What makes Risen solar panels suitable for Australian conditions?
    • Risen solar panels are durable, adapted to Australian weather, and have been providing solar solutions in Australia since 2008 with local offices in Melbourne and Brisbane for support​​​​.
  6. What technology do Risen solar panels use?
    • Risen utilizes monocrystalline technology in their Titan and Jäger Plus Series, ensuring high performance and efficiency​​​​.
  7. How much do Risen solar panels cost?
    • While prices can vary, a 10kW system with Risen solar panels might cost around $9,412.50, with prices depending on system size and installation specifics​​.
  8. Are Risen solar panels a good investment?
    • Considering their performance, warranty, and competitive pricing, Risen solar panels offer a good return on investment, especially for homeowners eligible for solar rebates​​.
  9. Do Risen solar panels offer bifacial technology?
    • Yes, the Sieger and Jäger Plus series from Risen embrace bifacial technology, increasing the panel’s rear power output by almost 30%​​.
  10. What is the degradation rate of Risen solar panels?
    • Risen Sieger solar panels maintain about 93.95% of their initial capacity after 10 years, indicating a slow degradation rate​​.
  11. How many Risen panels are needed for a 6.6kW system?
    • Depending on the series and panel efficiency, around 15 Risen panels would be required for a 6.6kW solar system​​.
  12. Does Risen have offices in Australia?
    • Yes, Risen has established offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, offering local support and services​​.
  13. What are the key features of Risen’s Jäger Plus Series?
    • The Jäger Plus Series features high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells, anti-LID and LeTID technology, and options for aesthetically pleasing all-black panels​

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