CURRENT: Price of Qasa Solar Generators in Nigeria

Hey there! If you’re in the market for a Qasa solar generator in Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got some firsthand insights and the latest scoop on prices to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter.

Direct Answer to Your Query:

Prices for Qasa solar generators in Nigeria vary widely, depending on the model and specifications you’re after. For instance, a setup with a 220w Lithium Battery Based AC/DC Inverter plus a 50W Solar Panel can range from ₦190,000 to ₦310,000.

If you’re eyeing the Qasa 100w Lithium Battery Based AC/DC Inverter +30W Solar Panel model, expect to shell out around ₦280,000​​​​. For a more robust solution, the Qasa Solar Rechargeable 500w 800VA Power Generator & Inverter is listed at ₦999,500​​.

Why Consider Qasa Solar Generators?

Qasa solar generators are a smart pick for several reasons. They’re not only portable and designed to cater to various energy needs but also come with solar panels, ensuring you can harness renewable energy efficiently. Whether you need to power a small home office or keep your essential appliances running during outages, Qasa has got you covered​​.

Key Features to Keep an Eye On:

  • Power Needs: Assess what you’ll be powering up to choose the right model.
  • Battery Capacity: This determines how long your generator can run on a single charge.
  • Portability: If you need something easy to move around, Qasa offers lightweight options.
  • Charging Options: Many models support solar, AC, and generator charging, providing flexibility​​.

Where to Buy:

Shopping for a Qasa solar generator is a breeze with platforms like Jumia and Kara. They provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and sometimes, discounts. Always ensure you’re getting an authentic product to enjoy the full benefits of clean, renewable energy​​​​.


  1. Can Qasa solar generators power a refrigerator? Yes, certain models can keep a 100L fridge running for more than 6 hours​​.
  2. What about portability? Yes, they’re designed to be easily movable across various locations​​.
  3. Battery capacity and charging times? For example, the QPG-500 model has a 70Ah battery capacity, taking about 13 hours to charge via solar panels​​​​.

Final Thoughts:

Opting for a Qasa solar generator is a step towards sustainable living. With a variety of models available, you can find one that perfectly fits your energy needs.

Remember, purchasing through reputable platforms ensures you get a genuine product and possibly snag a discount. Embrace the power of the sun with Qasa and enjoy uninterrupted power supply in your home or business.

10 Helpful FAQs on Qasa Solar Generators in Nigeria

1. What price range can I expect for Qasa solar generators in Nigeria?

Qasa solar generators are priced from ₦260,000 for a 220w Lithium Battery Based AC/DC Inverter + 50W Solar Panel setup to ₦280,000 for the 100w Lithium Battery Based AC/DC Inverter + 30W Solar Panel model​​.

2. Can a Qasa solar generator power a refrigerator?

Yes, certain models like the Qasa Solar Power Generator QPG-500 can power a 100L fridge for more than 6 hours, showcasing their capability to handle significant appliances​​.

3. What type of wave output do Qasa solar generators provide?

Qasa solar generators offer a pure sine wave output, ensuring they’re compatible with a wide range of household appliances and sensitive electronics​​.

4. Where can I buy Qasa solar generators online?

You can purchase Qasa solar generators on platforms like Jumia and Kara, which offer a variety of models with detailed product descriptions and customer reviews​​.

5. Do Qasa solar generators come with solar panels included?

Yes, some models come with solar panels. For instance, the QPG-500 model includes a 100W/18V solar panel​​.

6. Are Qasa solar generators portable?

Yes, Qasa designs its solar generators to be portable and easy to move around, providing flexibility in how and where you can use them​​.

7. How long does it take to fully charge a Qasa solar generator?

The charging time can vary; for example, the QPG-500 model approximately takes around 13 hours to charge via solar panels​​.

8. Can Qasa solar generators be charged through AC power?

Yes, they can be charged using AC power from the national grid or a generator, offering multiple charging options for convenience​​.

9. What is the battery capacity of the Qasa Solar Power Generator QPG-500?

The QPG-500 model boasts a 70Ah battery capacity, providing substantial backup power for a variety of appliances​​.

10. What appliances can I power with a Qasa solar generator?

Depending on the model, Qasa solar generators can power lights, TVs, setup boxes, fans, blenders, fridges, computers, medical equipment, and more, making them versatile for both home and business use

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