List of Mtn Lumos Subscription Plans

Navigating the bustling markets and vibrant streets of Nigeria, the buzz of conversation often swirls around the latest in tech and sustainable living. Among these talks, MTN Lumos subscription plans feature prominently — a topic I’ve become well-versed in.

In a country blessed with abundant sunshine, the MTN Lumos solar power solution is not just a product but a beacon of innovation, lighting up homes and empowering lives beyond the reach of the traditional electricity grid.

For those looking to understand MTN Lumos subscription plans, the tables below offer a clear picture. MTN Lumos offers a variety of plans tailored to meet different energy needs and budgets, ensuring that whether you’re a student needing just enough power to charge your devices or a small business owner looking to keep the lights on, there’s a plan for you:

Daily and Periodic Subscription Plans:

Plan Validity Subscription Fee (Per Validity Period) Total Cost Over 1800 Days (₦) Subscription Guide Features Included
1 Day Plan N410 N738,000 SMS 1 to 317 Standard features for a single day of use
5 Days Plan N1,760 N633,600 SMS 5 to 317 Extended features for five days of use
10 Days Plan N3,110 N559,800 SMS 10 to 317 Standard features for ten days of use
20 Days Plan N5,810 N534,520 SMS 20 to 317 Enhanced features for twenty days of use
30 Days Plan N7,300 N438,000 SMS 30 to 317 Full feature access for thirty days
60 Days Plan N13,500 N405,000 SMS 60 to 317 Full feature access for sixty days
180 Days Plan N35,100 N351,000 SMS 180 to 317 Comprehensive feature access for 180 days
365 Days Plan N68,850 N344,250 SMS 365 to 317 Comprehensive feature access for 365 days

Long-Term Subscription Plans with Features:

Plan Name Subscription Period Activation Fee (₦) Daily Fee (₦) Features
Lumos Eco 5 years 20,000 230 85W Panel, 60W DC to AC converter, USB mobile phone charger, 2 LED Bulbs, Radio point
Lumos Prime 5 years 45,000 250 150W Panel, 300W DC to AC converter, USB mobile phone charger, 4 LED Bulbs, Large Fan
Lumos Super Saver 5 years 10,000 200 85W Panel, 60W DC to AC converter, USB mobile phone charger, 2 LED Bulbs, Radio point
Lumos Business 5 years 100,000 300 300W Panel, 300W DC to AC converter, USB mobile phone charger, 6 LED Bulbs, Television point


In my personal journey with MTN Lumos, I’ve seen firsthand how these plans have eased the daily lives of many. Each plan comes with its own set of benefits, and customers can select one based on their energy consumption patterns and financial preferences.

The upfront activation fee may seem steep for some, but when distributed over the long term, it’s a worthwhile investment considering the daily fee and the substantial savings on fuel for generators.

Whether it’s the Lumos Eco plan offering a basic setup sufficient for small-scale needs, or the Lumos Business plan catering to more robust energy demands, MTN Lumos has sculpted its offerings to champion sustainability and convenience.

You can easily activate any of these plans through a simple SMS, and with MTN’s widespread network coverage, support is always within reach.

The versatility of MTN Lumos subscription plans cannot be overstated. With the rise in energy costs and the unpredictability of power supply, these solar solutions present not just an alternative, but a new standard in electricity consumption for Nigeria.

It’s an empowering step forward for households and businesses alike, and I take pride in being part of this narrative, one where the power to change lives shines as brightly as the Nigerian sun.


To fully own the MTN Lumos solar system, you’re required to complete payment over a span of 1800 days, which is approximately 5 years. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase the system outright and forgo the monthly subscription fees.

The exact cost for outright purchase may have changed since I last checked, so I would recommend reaching out directly to MTN for the most recent pricing. You can contact MTN customer service by dialing 180 or get in touch with Lumos directly at 08001234567, which is available around the clock, or 08004440444 from 8 am to 8.30 pm GMT+1 for further assistance.

Reflecting on my experience since I began using the MTN Lumos solar system in 2017, I initially opted for a quarterly plan and subsequently transitioned to a monthly top-up system.

Back then, the monthly fee was N4,500, but it has since risen to N7,300—a significant increase of N2,800. Inflation has affected prices across the board, so it’s somewhat understandable that MTN might adjust subscription fees for new users to align with current market conditions.

However, it feels unjust for long-standing customers who have been with the service for over three years to bear the brunt of such a price hike. For current MTN Lumos users seeking the latest subscription rates, you can text “Price” to 317 to receive an up-to-date price list.

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  1. What are MTN Lumos subscription plans?
    • MTN Lumos subscription plans are prepaid plans for solar energy, offering various periods from daily to yearly, including a range of energy solutions.
  2. How do I activate a daily Lumos subscription?
    • To activate a daily plan, SMS the number 1 to 317.
  3. What is the cost of a 1-day MTN Lumos plan?
    • The cost of a 1-day plan is N410.
  4. How much will I spend on a 5-day plan over 1800 days?
    • Over 1800 days, you’ll spend N633,600 on a 5-day plan.
  5. Can I subscribe to a plan for just 10 days?
    • Yes, there’s a 10-day plan available.
  6. What features are included in the 20-day plan?
    • The 20-day plan includes enhanced features for longer-term use.
  7. How do I subscribe to a 30-day plan?
    • For a 30-day plan, SMS 30 to 317.
  8. Is there a 60-day subscription option?
    • Yes, MTN Lumos offers a 60-day subscription plan.
  9. What is the price for a 180-day subscription?
    • The price for a 180-day subscription is N35,100.
  10. Does MTN Lumos offer a yearly subscription plan?
    • Yes, there is a 365-day subscription plan available.
  11. What are the features of the Lumos Eco plan?
    • The Lumos Eco includes an 85W panel, DC to AC converter, phone charger, 2 LED bulbs, and a radio point.
  12. How much does the Lumos Prime plan cost?
    • The Lumos Prime plan has an activation fee of N45,000 with a daily fee of N250.
  13. Can I find a plan with a 300W panel and a TV point?
    • Yes, the Lumos Business plan includes these features.
  14. What does the Lumos Super Saver plan offer?
    • It offers an 85W panel and other standard features for more efficient energy use.
  15. Is there a high upfront cost for any MTN Lumos plan?
    • Yes, the Lumos Business plan has an upfront cost of N100,000.
  16. What is the daily fee for the Lumos Eco plan?
    • The daily fee for Lumos Eco is N230.
  17. Can I charge my phone with the MTN Lumos system?
    • Yes, all plans come with a USB phone charger.
  18. Are LED bulbs included in the MTN Lumos subscription?
    • Yes, depending on the plan, you get 2 to 6 LED bulbs.
  19. How do I activate the Lumos Prime plan?
    • Activation instructions for specific plans are typically provided upon purchase or by contacting MTN customer service.
  20. What is the activation fee for the Lumos Super Saver plan?
    • The activation fee is N10,000.
  21. How reliable are MTN Lumos solar plans?
    • They are quite reliable, offering a consistent power supply in areas with adequate sunlight.
  22. Can I use the MTN Lumos system for my business?
    • Yes, particularly with the Lumos Business plan.
  23. Is the Lumos system suitable for a large family?
    • The Lumos Prime or Lumos Business would be more suitable for larger energy needs.
  24. What if I need power for a small shop?
    • The Lumos Eco or Super Saver plans might be sufficient for small-scale power needs.
  25. Are there any additional charges apart from the activation and daily fees?
    • Generally no, but it’s best to check for any updates on charges with MTN.
  26. How long does the activation of a plan take?
    • Activation is typically instant upon sending the SMS.
  27. Can I switch between plans?
    • Yes, customers can usually switch between plans as needed.
  28. Does MTN offer customer support for Lumos?
    • Yes, MTN provides customer support for Lumos products.
  29. What happens if I don’t recharge my Lumos subscription?
    • Your access to power would be temporarily suspended until the next recharge.
  30. How do I know which plan is right for me?
    • Evaluate your energy needs and budget to determine the right plan.
  31. Can the MTN Lumos system power a television?
    • Yes, with the Lumos Business plan.
  32. What’s the largest solar panel offered in MTN Lumos plans?
    • The 300W panel comes with the Lumos Business plan.
  33. Is there a warranty for the MTN Lumos system?
    • MTN Lumos products come with a warranty, the details of which can be obtained from MTN.
  34. How does MTN Lumos help in energy conservation?
    • By providing solar energy solutions, it reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
  35. Are there any discounts for long-term subscriptions?
    • Detailed information on discounts can be obtained from MTN.
  36. What is the subscription guide for a 20-day plan?
    • SMS 20 to 317 to subscribe to the 20-day plan.
  37. Can I upgrade my panel size in the future?
    • Upgrades depend on the terms of service and availability.
  38. What does the daily fee cover in MTN Lumos plans?
    • The daily fee covers the cost of solar energy consumption for the period.
  39. How does the cost of MTN Lumos compare to traditional electricity?
    • In the long run, MTN Lumos can be more cost-effective, especially where there are issues with the traditional electricity supply.
  40. Where can I purchase an MTN Lumos subscription?
    • MTN Lumos subscriptions can be purchased through MTN stores or authorized dealers.

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