How to Pay for MTN Lumos Online

Recharging your Lumos solar system through bank USSD is a convenient alternative that allows you to maintain your access to solar power without any hassle. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the move, this method ensures your energy needs are met with just a few taps on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

Recharging Your Lumos Box via Bank USSD

  1. Determine Your Bank’s USSD Code: Each bank has a unique USSD code for mobile transactions. If you’re unsure of your bank’s USSD code, you can easily find it online or by contacting your bank.
  2. Prepare the USSD String: The general format to recharge your Lumos device is: *BankUSSDCode*000*041+YourSystemID+Plan#. Your “System ID” is a unique identifier for your Lumos device, and the “Plan” refers to the number of days you wish to subscribe for.
  3. Dial the USSD String: On your mobile phone, dial the string with the correct details filled in. For example, if you’re subscribing to a 30-day plan and your bank’s USSD code is *123#, you would dial: *123*000*041+2347035714382+30#.
  4. Confirm Your Transaction: Follow the prompts on your phone’s screen to complete the transaction. You may need to enter your PIN or authenticate the transaction in another way as required by your bank.
  5. Receive Confirmation: Once the transaction is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation message from Lumos, indicating that your subscription has been activated.

Using Quickteller for Payments

For those who prefer an even more straightforward method, Quickteller offers a digital alternative:

  • Via Quickteller App: Download the Quickteller app from your device’s app store, search for Lumos, and follow the instructions to make a payment.
  • Via Quickteller Website: Visit Quickteller’s Lumos Page and enter your Lumos device details along with the amount for the plan you’re purchasing. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment.

Why These Methods Are Superb

  • Convenience: Pay anytime and anywhere, directly from your phone.
  • Instant Activation: Your Lumos system gets recharged immediately after payment, ensuring no downtime.
  • Versatility: Choose the payment method that works best for you, whether USSD for simplicity or Quickteller for a more digital approach.

Final Tips

  • Know Your System ID: This can be found on the back of your Lumos Yellow Box. It’s essential for making payments.
  • Check Plan Prices: Before making a payment, ensure you know the current prices for Lumos plans. You can send a text with the word “PRICE” to 317 to get the latest rates.

Recharging your Lumos box has never been easier with these convenient payment options. Whether you opt for the traditional USSD method or the digital Quickteller route, staying powered up with Lumos is just a few clicks away.

Thank you for choosing Lumos, where we’re committed to lighting up your world with clean, reliable solar power.

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