Navigating Beebeejump’s Payment Plans: A Friendly Guide

Hello there! If you’re considering a solar energy solution from Beebeejump, you’re in for a treat. Beebeejump is renowned for its commitment to making solar energy accessible and affordable through flexible payment plans.

Let’s dive into what they offer, especially focusing on the popular Beebeejump S1 Plus model, to help you find the best option that suits your needs.

Beebeejump S1 Plus Overview

The S1 Plus is a versatile solar power system capable of powering basic home appliances like TVs, fans, lights, laptops, and more. It’s known for its portability, easy installation, and being a reliable backup power source. The system includes a 338w lithium battery, 150w inverter, and 160w solar panel, capable of supporting both DC and AC appliances.

Payment Plan and Pricing

Beebeejump offers an attractive pricing structure for the S1 Plus, making it a cost-effective option for many households. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Retail Price: Initially priced at ₦280,000, there’s a promotional offer that reduces the price to ₦250,000, allowing you to save ₦30,000.
  • Installment Payment Plan: For those who prefer paying in installments, you can start with an initial deposit of ₦80,000 and then make 3 monthly payments of ₦59,500. This plan offers flexibility but note that the total comes slightly higher than the promo price.
  • Additional Options: If you’re considering adding a fan and an adapter, the initial deposit increases to ₦123,000 with the same installment amount over three months. Installation and delivery fees are separate, and additional bulbs can be purchased at varying prices based on wattage.

Beebeejump ensures that opting for their payment plan is a smooth and hassle-free process. They’ve tailored their payment procedure to be as convenient as possible, allowing you to recharge, order, and buy through the Beebeepay website, ensuring a stress-free payment experience.

Why Beebeejump?

Choosing Beebeejump means investing in a reliable, durable solar solution that reduces electricity bills and supports sustainable living. The company stands out for its excellent customer service, comprehensive warranty offers, and an extensive network of dealers and super agents, ensuring that you have access to quality solar products and support wherever you are in Nigeria.

Making Your Purchase

Interested in the Beebeejump S1 Plus? You can purchase it from any authorized dealer or super agent like Mozabo Engineering, which offers nationwide delivery with payment on delivery options. This ensures you’re getting a genuine product along with the full support and warranty Beebeejump offers.

Beebeejump’s approach to solar energy, combined with their flexible payment plans, makes transitioning to solar power an accessible and smart choice for many Nigerian homes and businesses. Whether you choose to pay upfront or take advantage of the installment plan, Beebeejump’s commitment to making solar energy easy and affordable is evident​

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They gave me a quote on solar panel installation in my Lekki home and I was wowed by their professionalism. I recommend them to my friends now too.

Mark Doe


Absolutely brilliant! Their solar inverters and panels work wonders on my real estate project at Abuja. Please, give them a trial and see for yourself.

Maria Doe


They are the best solar company in Lagos, Nigeria for a reason. I enjoyed every bit of time spent working with them at my brothers Banana Island home. Absolutely the best!

Marcus Doe